2021 Annual Meeting – Advice to presenters

Poster presentations: This year the posters will be presented as electronic posters. Please be aware of this when drafting your poster. A landscape orientation is preferred and recommended to assist with viewing but a portrait orientation will be accepted but will offer a suboptimal orientation for viewing. Please submit as a .pdf. Other formats cannot be accepted. Please save your final version with your Poster Number at the start of your filename followed by the Surname of the Presenting Author and save as a .pdf e.g. P14Gibney.pdf and submit by email to [email protected]

Video presentations: The year the oral presentations will be pre-recorded with the questions by videoconference immediately after the presentation. The timings for an oral presentation are ten minutes for the presentation and five minutes for questions. The timings for a presented poster are four minutes for the presentation and one minute for questions. Please adhere to these absolute time limits of fifteen minutes for an oral presentation and five minutes for a invited poster presentation as they will be strictly enforced. Please record the video presentations and submit as a .mp4 by email to [email protected] enclosing your preferred email for contact with the videoconferencing link with your presentation. Other formats cannot be accepted. Please save your presentation using your Presentation Number followed by the Surname of the Presenting Author as a filename e.g. OC7McQuaid.mp4

It is your choice on how to record your presentation as long as it is submitted as a .mp4 and within the time limits advised. For guidance on how to record a presentation using Microsoft Powerpoint, please search ‘Record a slide show with narration and slide timings’ in your Help. When complete, please search ‘Save a presentation as a movie file or MP4’ in your Help for guidance on how to export as an .mp4 and submit by email as to advised to [email protected]

Congratulations to all who had their abstracts accepted. Please submit your posters and oral presentations by email to [email protected] as soon as possible to ensure they are uploaded to the platform in advance of the meeting. As the meeting starts on 19th November, a strict embargo of 5pm on 17th November will be applied to allow one working day to get all the posters and presentations uploaded. Any posters not received by this time are at risk of not being uploaded to the platform and will be considered withdrawn.