Constitution of Irish Endocrine Society

Constitution of Irish Endocrine Society- Adopted November 1977

1.  The Society shall be known as the Irish Endocrine Society

2.  The Committee shall consist of five members – Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer and three members committee members.

3.  The chairman shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and the committee members shall be elected biennially

4.  Membership is open to all physicians; surgeons and gynaecologists, scientists and laboratory technologists having a significant interest in Diabetes and Endocrinology

5.  Membership will be ratified at the Annual General Meeting.

6.  The Society aims to promoting the development of Endocrinology by educating

and interchange of scientific material.

7.  There shall be annual subscriptions of £2.00

8.  Meetings of the Society will be held at least annually, rotating between Dublin, Cork, and Belfast and any other place decided by the Committee

9.  The meetings of the Society may be conjoint meetings with other Medical societies

Amendments to the Constitution (2013)

In 1989 the AGM proposed that allied health professionals including diabetes nurses and dieticians should be eligible for membership.

The Committee currently comprises 8 members – President (Chair), Secretary/Treasurer, representatives from each of the four provinces; a Diabetes Section representative, and a Basic Science representative. The annual meeting rotation also includes Galway.

The current annual membership fee for the Irish Endocrine Society is 150 euro for Consultants; 100 euro for SpRs, Registrars, NCHDs, Dietitians, Nurses, Scientists and retired Members of the Society; 30 euro for PhD and MD students and membership is free for medical students.

To attend the IES Annual Study Day in February there is a 60 euro registration fee for members and a 100 euro registration fee for non-members.