Submit Your Abstract

Submit your abstract for the Annual IES Annual Conference.

Dates for 2022 Annual Meeting will be notified  in due course including dates for opening and closing of abstract submission. A minimum period of four weeks will be allowed for submission of abstracts.


(as directed by the Irish Journal of Medical Science)

  1. Abstracts must be submitted in WORD FORMAT (.doc or .docx) in a simple font e.g. Arial 12 point using a single spacing. Please name your abstract as SURNAMEKEYWORD2021 or similar to allow identification. Abstracts not complying to the Instructions to Authors will be excluded. Please do not submit as PDF as these will be rejected. 
  2. The text of an abstract (excluding title, authors, institution address) must not exceed 250 words. FIGURES are not allowed. A single table is allowed a maximum 5 rows x 5 columns but will be taken to represent 100 words of the abstract. The words in the table legend will be added to the 100 words for the table. Abstracts must fit on a single A4 sheet. The title should reflect the content of the abstract. The title for case reports or case series should start with Case Report or Case Series as appropriate.
  3. The author’s forename (given name), initial (optional), and surname, without degree, etc., should appear below the title. It is necessary to identify the institution of authors where more than one institution is involved. Use numbered superscript after each author’s name.
  4. The address (Institution, Postal address, Postcode / Eircode (if known)) should be listed next. Use numbered superscript before the centre’s name. Please do not list separate departments within same institution.
  5. The text of the abstract must include data with a clear description of results and conclusions. Headings within the text are not allowed. Capital letters are not to be used to describe special terms, procedures, etc., and may only be used where appropriate (at the start of sentences, where proper nouns are involved, with abbreviations). All abbreviations must be clearly defined. Statistical methods must be clearly indicted.
  6. Please always use internationally accepted signs and symbols for units (SI units). The use of generic names or non-proprietary are preferred. If the use of trade names are deemed necessary, the generic name should be given at first mention where possible.
  7. A single reference may be used, only when deemed essential for understanding the abstract.  The preferred form for this reference is doi (Direct Object Identification) eg Slifka MK, Whitton JL (2000) Clinical implications of dysregulated cytokine production. J Mol Med. doi:10.1007/s001090000086. Where this is not possible, the reference should in the ULM / Vancouver style. Reference is included in the total word count.
  8. Abstracts are submitted on the understanding that they will be subject to editorial approval. Minor editing and formatting may be required. Submission does not guarantee publication. The senior author will be responsible for all aspects of its content including assuring that all authors are in agreement with data submission and the required approvals are in place. By submitting the abstract, the senior author acknowledges the required ethical and regulatory approvals are in place and they have been adhered to. The senior author will also be held responsible if an accepted paper is not presented. Failure to present may lead to all authors being barred from making submissions for two years. Failure to present an abstract may also lead to it being deleted from the final version of the abstract book.
  9. You should submit the abstract electronically on the Irish Endocrine Website. Please ensure that abstract is adherent to the instructions for authors prior to submission. Deadline for submission for the 2021 Annual General Meeting is 24th September 2021. Receipt of all abstracts will be acknowledged electronically by the website. If no electronic receipt is received after one working day, please contact the Irish Endocrine Society.
  10. The section for case reports also allows for smaller case series of up to three patients has been included. Please ensure there are no identifying initials or otherwise used.
  11. Please indicate if you have a preference for oral, poster, or case report presentation. Please also indicate if presenting author is a medical student, a non-consultant hospital doctor or a basic grade scientist. This is to determine eligibility for the O’Donovan or the Montgomery Medals.
  12. Notification of acceptance of the abstracts is by circulation of the abstract book by electronic means to members of the Irish Endocrine Society. If the first instance, please check this.


  • If your abstract is awarded an ORAL PRESENTATION then the 1stauthor will be asked to deliver an oral presentation at the Annual AGM of the IES. The oral presentation is a 10 minute oral presentation outlining the reason and aims of the research/audit, presenting the results and conclusion of the outcomes. The presenter will then be asked questions from the audience for 5 minutes.The time of the ORAL PRESENTATION will be in the IES AGM abstract book. Any enquires as regards oral presentations can be made.
  • If your abstract is awarded a POSTER PRESENTATION then you will be asked to have your poster up and ready for review by 12 MIDDAY on the Friday of the meeting and leave in situ till the end of the meeting on Saturday at 1.15pm. Poster boards will be at the meeting and are A0 portrait format. Please bring your own velcro with you to stick your poster onto the poster board. Posters deemed suitable for entry into the competition for the Montgomery medal or for the best clinical case competition will be reviewed by the judges during the poster viewing sessions and so authors are requested to stand by their poster at these times.
  • If the meeting has electronic posters, the preferred format is PDF in a landscape orientation to facilitate viewing on a computer screen. Details will be confirmed in advance of the meeting. The preferred format for oral presentations is .mp4

The senior author will be held responsible if an accepted paper is not presented. Failure to present may lead to all authors being barred from making submissions to the IES research meeting for two years.

Secretary/Treasurer – James Gibney


Please review Instructions above.

By submitting the abstract, the authors are acknowledging the required ethical and regulatory approvals are in place.

Please allow one working day for acknowledgement of receipt of abstract.

The dates for the annual meeting are 19th and 20th November 2021. Acceptance of the abstract will be circulation of the abstract book to members of the Irish Endocrine Society. Please check this when available.